GitLab API Create an issue link

Create an issue link

POST /projects/:id/issues/:issue_iid/links

Please any one can provide the syntax of this API

because I found the below parameter are need to execute the above API completely

I used below community link for the reference :

  1. issue_iid
  2. target_project_id
  3. target_issue_iid

But on the community portal complete syntax is not given ,

Please help me for the same .


Hi ,

Anyone can provide the input to resolve this query, because i am stuck due to this issue.

I have performed two “GET” requests as shown below:

request “GET http://x.x.x.x/api/v4/projects/163/issues?private_token=x.x.x.x.x

And I got the Two issues in the Same project

Project ID : 163 And Issue IID : 4
Project ID : 163 And Issue IID : 5

Then, I performed the “POST” request to create an issue link
[Refer: ]

**Project ID : 163 And Issue IID : 5 **

POST /projects/:id/issues/:issue_iid/links

Also, I tried adding the “TARGET_PROJECT_ID” and “TARGET_ISSUE_IID” in the POST request which gives the same error as above