GitLab API - created_at field ignored when inserting new issue

Hello, I am trying to migrate issues from one GitLab installation (v6.5.1) to another (v8.11.5). I am using the GitLab API (v3) to extract issues from the old environment and insert these into the new environment.

However I noticed a possible issue and not sure if this is because I am doing something wrong or there is an issue with the API. The documentation for “created_at” for inserting a new issue says that this must be a “Date time string, ISO 8601 formatted, e.g. 2016-03-11T03:45:40Z (requires admin or project owner rights)”.

When I insert using the private_token of the administrator account everything works fine and in the new environment it shows correctly when the issue was opened. However when I use my own account, who is set as an OWNER on the project, the issues is dated as if it has just been inserted.

I can confirm that from the two different attempts the only thing I am changing is the private_token and I can confirm that my account is set as OWNER on the project.

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?

Ok, it seems it is not enough to set the account as owner of the project. The account must be set as admin (this can be done by logging as admin and edit the account).