Gitlab API - Protected branches "allow devs to push to master"

I’m using a script to create hundreds of projects in a group that is LDAP bound. We already have manually entered projects and we’re enabling the “allow developers to push to master” which works because we want dev’s to push to master, but not grant them master/owner access.

However I dont see anything in the documentation for the gitlab api in regards to enabling this checkbox. Does this feature exist or is it something we’re going to have to go in and manually enable?

This isn’t currently possible via the API. You can set up the branch protection via the API but won’t be able to specify that the “Developers can push” flag should be enabled.

@ka0tyk There is actually an existing issue about this on the GitLab Community Edition project. You should add a comment on there and let the developers know that this is a feature you would like.