Gitlab api request with username and password?

Hi all
i’m trying to write integration-tests and for that i start gitlab in a docker container like described here:

everything looks good so far, but how can i execute api requests now? i could’t find a solution on how to authenticate with username and password. and to create a personal access token i think i need to login first?

any help appreciated

I haven’t read that page and have no idea how things work when you run GitLab in a docker container, but:

If you have shell access to the machine GitLab runs on, you don’t need to login first, you can create an access token with gitlab-rails.
We have the following in our configuration management:

    command [
        "name: 'apitoken',"\
        "token_digest: Gitlab::CryptoHelper.sha256('#{token}'),"\
        'impersonation: true,'\
        'scopes: [:api])',

hmm i’m really not sure that works. my configuration looks like this:

- name: gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest
GITLAB_HTTPS: “false” # ensure that plain http works
GITLAB_ROOT_PASSWORD: “blabla” # to access the api with user root:password
- curl --fail

there is also a variable called GITLAB_OMIBUS_CONFIG: GitLab Docker images | GitLab
Is there any possibility to configure the image with this variable? i have no clue about ruby but in the docs the following is specified:

    external_url ''
    # Add any other gitlab.rb configuration here, each on its own line

what is a gitlab.rb config? maybe it’s possible to disable the authentication in the docker image? so there would be no need to create a personal access token

regards angela

Have you made any progress in solving this problem?