Gitlab authentication via Jira or Custom Python script

Is there a way customise and authenticate gitlab via a custom python script (which authenticates from Jira).
Or directly authenticating directly from Jira.
NOTE: I don’t have crowd server.



I have the same issue. I have a cloud VM that I want to automatically pull the latest code before running it. Any way to do this from a Python script? Right now it won’t work as I use SSH authentication that requests a passphrase from standard in.

I’m thinking of other way, but it seems not easy to integrate… I want to integrate IMAP Authentication (I can’t use LDAP, unfortunately).

I’m using Gitlab in a Docker container, which includes Nginx. What if nginx does the authentication with HTTP Auth, which executes the Python Script to authenticate? What I think it’s the most difficult is the part to integrate the users with Gitlab.

Gitlab could really allow an external script to process authentication…

Other thing which occurred me is to create a fake LDAP Server, or other GitLab compatible authentication system, which then authenticates as we wish it to. Could it be done?