GitLab Auto DevOps deployment environmental variables

Hi guys! I am asking for a little bit of assistance. Here’s a setup: I have a NodeJS application that uses a database connection and for that connection, I need environmental variables for the deployment like DB_HOST etc. I am trying out the Auto DevOps feature and therefore I have neither k8s deployment YAML files nor .gitlab-ci.yml.

I have created environment-specific variables in “Settings > CI/CD” page.

But I don’t see them reflected in the deployment configuration in my k8s cluster.

And of course because of that my deployment “Does not have minimum availability”.

Funny thing that even though I have “POSTGRES_ENABLED” set to false, the system still provides a database-url. But that’s another discussion.

The question is: in Auto DevOps how to set up environment-specific variables that would be respected in the Kubernetes deployment?

Thank you!