Gitlab Backup

Hi All,

While taking the backup I am getting an error in the second line
" pg_dump: Dumping the contents of table “merge_request_diffs” failed: PQgetResult() failed. "

After that back failed.

I’m having the same issue with version 8.16.7-ee

Has anyone encountered this before - Is there a fix?

Here is the output when trying to run the backup:
root@cmn-102-glb-1:~# sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create STRATEGY=copy
Dumping database …
Dumping PostgreSQL database gitlabhq_production … pg_dump: Dumping the contents of table “merge_request_diffs” failed: PQgetCopyData() failed.
pg_dump: Error message from server: server closed the connection unexpectedly
This probably means the server terminated abnormally
before or while processing the request.
pg_dump: The command was: COPY public.merge_request_diffs (id, state, st_commits, st_diffs, merge_request_id, created_at, updated_at, base_commit_sha, real_size, head_commit_sha, start_commit_sha) TO stdout;
Backup failed

@indrajeet.k @gmankee Hello, I am facing the same issue, Can you help me to fix?
Thank You

Hi Savitojs,

For me some records in the database got corrupted due to power failure in the server. while the database is in read or write mode it got rebooted due to power failure.

Follow the link below for more details.

Let me know if it is helpful for you :slight_smile: