Gitlab basics

I am new to gitlab and have a doubt regarding git branching strategy and names of the projects which are created in our onpremise gitlab ce.if you could give us a clarity on this,it will be really helpful

  1. whether projects need to be created seperately for front end (eg react .js) and back end (eg golang)
  2. whether we can clone the main branch into feature1_branch,feature2_branch,feature3_branch,development_branch ,hotfix branch and team lead assign each programmer to each branch only as per the needs . At present assume feature1 and feature2 and feature 3 are cloned from main branch.Based on the understanding between team members, for example user RAKESH will modify test1.go file in feature 1 branch only.
    MAHESH will modify test2.go file only in feature 2 branch
    BHANU will modify test3.go file only in feature 3 branch.if this strategy is followed then we can reduce the merge conflicts happening in local vs code while pulling the code.what is the strategy that need to be followed


  1. Had this issue myself recently, but this all depends on your personal preferences. We decided to merge frontend/backend into a single project simply because when opening issues that sometimes referenced frontend as well as backend were easier to manage in a single project than when for example backend was one project and frontend was another project. Also the fact you can then clone the entire project once, rather than having to clone backend and frontend separately, but in reality that isn’t a major issue. For us, the issues spread across two projects was more of a problem.
  2. It’s ideal to have main as your stable branch, and get people to work on a dev branch, or whatever like your example and then just merge to main when everything is tested and stable.