GitLab-CE self-managed - cannot change Usage statistics

Logging in with root user. I cannot change settings → usage statistics →
Enable version check
Enable Service Ping

The error I get is, “Application settings update failed”.

The server resides in a corporate network with no access to the internet (proxy used if it’s necessary to connect, even then with restrictions to certain sites).

Any ideas why I cannot change settings, or which logs should I check?

Are you trying to enable those options or disable them?

They are enabled and I try to disable them. Yet it seems that there is a broader issue, for example logging in to the local gitlab website delays a lot. It’s a self-hosted installation, in a closed network, no access to the internet (only through proxy if needed). I’m wondering if gitlab tries to communicate to the Internet, cannot and delays until it fails after some retries.

I also get these errors on Metrics and profiling page:

The form contains the following errors:

  · Help page documentation base url is blocked: execution expired
  · Diagramsnet url is blocked: execution expired
  · Public runner releases url is blocked: execution expired

After running tcpdump, it seems that the gitlab server tries to connect to:

which is not possible since it has no access to internet. So it cannot change settings and also produces delays, for example when users log in.

Look into GitLab’s logs to find detailed messages about why the settings update isn’t working. You should mainly look at:
gitlab-rails/production.log for errors related to the app.
gitlab-rails/production_json.log for a clearer format of logs that might show errors when trying to change settings.
Checking these logs can help figure out if the problem is because of network issues, permission problems, or something else.

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For the solution, here is a link to my other question in this forum. It solved both problems.