GitLab CE taking over website, not working on subdomain


I tried installing gitlab ce via the Omnibus package the on my server today,

While I seemed to run fine for a while I now noticed, that it does not work on my subdomain (e.g. anymore, but it runs on, my main domain, taking over all web content and redirecting all traffic to

I checked my DNS records and they are definately pointing to my IP,
I have not changed the config after making sure it works (only external_url is uncommented)
I have made sure the external_url in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb points to (in my case it’s
I have tried gitlab-ctl reconfigure and gitlab-ctl restart
Using Debian 8 Jessie

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Are you using the nginx webserver built in to the omnibus package or are you using another and proxying the requests?