Gitlab CE upgrade issue


Running CentOS 7

We are upgrading an old gitlab-ce installation
We have gone from 10.8.7
to 11.06
to 11.11.18
to 12.0.12

Now trying to go to 12.1.17 and getting this…

Exception: Your database is missing the ‘parent_id’ column from the ‘eipcs’ table that is present for Gitlab EE.

We are not aware of any EE installation past or present. I see some links where users had similar issues.
This one for example. Upgrade from 11.11.4 to 12.0.2 fails on missing parent_id-column (#4465) · Issues · / omnibus-gitlab · GitLab

It looks as if one of the users was able to get around this by following these steps.
yum remove gitlab-ce
rpm -i
yum remove gitlab-ee
rpm -i

Does anyone have an idea of the best approach to solve something like this?

Thank you

Tried the steps where we removed gitlab-ce, installed gitlab-ee, removed gitlab-ee, then once again installed gitlab-ce.

All services show run with the exception of prometheus.

We get this

==> /var/log/gitlab/prometheus/current <==
2023-07-05_21:21:47.15622 Error parsing commandline arguments: unknown short flag ‘-w’
2023-07-05_21:21:47.15628 prometheus: error: unknown short flag ‘-w’
2023-07-05_21:21:48.39752 Error parsing commandline arguments: unknown short flag ‘-w’