Gitlab CI API For Resource Groups



I’m using Gitlab 14.9.3-ee. I have a pipeline set up with a number of resource groups (which have dashes in their names, e.g. ab00-abcd). I want to change the process mode of the resource groups using the API. I can successfully make API requests to the project (e.g. to view project or pipeline details), but I only get 404s when trying to view any information about resource groups or make any PUT requests to change them. The API endpoint I’m using looks something like ‘api/v4/projects/1234/resource_groups/ab00-abcd’. I’ve tried using curl, python urllib, and using my browser (for GETs).

It looks like this feature is supposed to be supported in 14.9.3 (e.g. doc/api/ · v14.9.3-ee · / GitLab · GitLab).

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to escape my resource group names somehow?