Gitlab CI : artifacts from child pipeline to parent pipeline


I would like to know if there is now a simple way to retrieve artifacts from a child pipeline in the parent pipeline.

I found things like this but it is a bit overkill :

    - curl --output parent-pipeline.json "$CI_SERVER_URL/$CI_PROJECT_PATH/-/pipelines/$CI_PIPELINE_ID.json"
    - CHILD_ID=$(jq .triggered[].id < parent-pipeline.json); echo "$CHILD_ID"

    - SUMMARIZE_JOB_ID=$(curl "$CI_API_V4_URL/projects/$CI_PROJECT_ID/pipelines/$CHILD_ID/jobs" | jq '.[] | select(.name=="summarize").id'); echo "$SUMMARIZE_JOB_ID"
    - curl --output "$CI_API_V4_URL/projects/$CI_PROJECT_ID/jobs/$SUMMARIZE_JOB_ID/artifacts"