Gitlab CI/CD does not trigger automatically when merge request is created OR code changes are detected

Hi All, I have a question, need help: when developers make some changes on their side(the microservices they are working on) they merge that code and a senior developer will approve it. Then they create a merge request through Asana, so we as a Devops check the merge request if any dependencies etc then click on the merge button so new change will be merged into develop/test etc branch, and then the pipeline is triggered. So here we want to automatically trigger the pipeline when we receive a merge request from developer. Is it possible to auto-trigger the pipeline when we receive merge requests?

  • GitLab (will double check tmrw`):
  • Runner (self-managed):

not sure if below works in the free version of gitlab or not as we are using in the organization.


There is a label Free noted next / under the feature, then it must be available for GitLab CE (free) as well. However, you need to configure it yourself in .gitlab-ci.yml (they are not enabled by default). You can do it simply by adding:

  - merge_requests

to your job specification.

For details, I’d advise to refer to the GitLab YAML reference - keywords rules and only.

What you don’t have is e.g. Merge Request Approvals - this feature comes with Premium.

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Thanks @paula.kokic for your feedback and time. I got it now, so I think to further tighten up the merge request approvals rules instead of using premium, Can we achieve this by using Jenkins CICD pipeline?