GitLab CI/CD pipeline are stuck and are not in progress

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    We are observing GitLab Pipeline are being stucked in some stage and passing misleading information on UI. For instance, if the Pipeline has failed still in UI it reflects as running and on drill down to job. We find that JOB is has failed or next stage is not triggered.

We expect that if one stage has passed then next stage shall get triggered or if the job has failed pipeline status should also reflect as fail.

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    We are using Gitlab version 13.11ee community edition. Yes, we are using Self-managed .

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    We saw 100% disk space utilization and memory issue. So, increased the EC2 instance to m5.2xlarge and freed disk space utilization.

We restarted the gitlab runner and EC2 machine on which runner is installed. Checked application.log and sidekiq.log did not found any error instance.

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The screenshot literally shows a pipeline with a failed job. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what the screenshot shows. The only thing that might look incorrect is the pipeline status in the upper part of the image, but that just hasn’t updated yet. It’s not fetching the information every 5 seconds, give it some time. Or just refresh the page and you’ll see its marked as “failed”

Also, it says there that there are 5 jobs, but only 3 are visible on the screenshot, can you show the whole graph?

Also, provide the .gitlab-ci.yml file.

And you provide little to no other information.