GitLab CI/CD stages customizing


I have a question about CI.

So, I have a build stage, that makes a couple of docker images from one repo. Also, the build step generates artifacts with the file for k8s deploy. I need to customize deploy stages for each image. For example:

  1. We have build artifacts - cmd/image1/dev/values.yml, cmd/image1/prod/values.yml, cmd/image2/dev/values.yml, cmd/image2/prod/values.yml
  2. I need to generate steps on the deploy stage - DeployImage1Dev, DeployImage1Prod, DeployImage2Dev, DeployImage2Prod. I’ve already done logic for dev/prod envs, but I can’t find a way how to parameterize stages based on image name.

Is there any way to do it without additional variables set?

Thank you.