Gitlab CI connecting to wrong Kubernetes Cluster?

I am trying to connect a project on with a Kubernetes cluster that I created on DigitalOcean.

I have configured the Cluster settings on my Group Settings (API Url, Certificate etc), but when I run a Pipeline it seems its not reading my configs and is trying to connect to some other cluster???

Here is the output of the KUBECONFIG environment variable in my CI Job.

apiVersion: v1

  • name: gitlab-deploy
  • name: gitlab-deploy
    cluster: gitlab-deploy
    namespace: exodialabs
    user: gitlab-deploy
    current-context: gitlab-deploy
    kind: Config
  • name: gitlab-deploy

I got the following error: “Unable to connect to the server: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”.
First thing I noticed is that IP address is not from the cluster I configured. Where does GitLab gets that configs? Maybe its the cluster where the runner is executing on

How do I make it using my configs? Also I haven’t installed Tiller from GitLab as I already have my own version installed. Is the configuration considered complete without it? The ui is not clear.

I dont intend to use auto devops as I am learning Kubernetes and prefer to do everything on my own and also I prefer to have more control about what is actually happen.

Thank you for your help.

Oh this was stupid. For same reason the Kubernetes configurations in GitLab were incorrect and were using some old cluster settings. I have updated them with the correct data and now everything works fine,