GitLab CI Docker in Docker network inaccessible

Shared GitLab runner container fails to access the port exposed by the container running in it


I’m running a docker in docker configuration using GitLab’s shared runners. Following is my gitlab-ci.yml:

image: docker:stable
  - name: docker:dind
  DOCKER_HOST: tcp://docker:2375/
  DOCKER_DRIVER: overlay2

 - api-test

  stage: api-test
    - docker run -d --name api-server -p 5099:8000 <image>

    # Making API calls here

The docker container starts up just fine in the base container and can be seen using docker ps. It shows the following:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE       COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                     NAMES
<ID>                <Image>     "/docker-entrypoint.…"   1 seconds ago       Up 1 second         80/tcp, 8001/tcp, 8443-8444/tcp,>8000/tcp   api-server

which tells me the port 5099 is accessible. However, when I make API calls to port 5099 to communicate with the web application running inside the (inner) container, it returns an error that the endpoint is not accessible. Moreover, I logged netstat -tulpn which shows no entries.

When I run the same setup on my local ubuntu machine, everything works fine.
I use the same docker image and start it up via:

docker run --privileged --name some-docker -d docker:dind

and exec into it and then run:

docker run -d --name api-server -p 5099:8000 <image>

and make the API calls I want to make and it works. I’m thoroughly confused here. I’m new to DevOps and GitLab so any help would be appreciated.