Gitlab CI is not executing selenium test with gradle in Test stage

Hi all,
I am new to gitlab CI/CD and trying to fix a old gradle based project. I am able to run it on local cmd using - gradle test ‘taskToExecute’ and it is able to run tests.

Then I tried to switch to Gitlab CI/CD. I was able to install gitlab runner and specific runner setup on gitlab. I have 2 stages Build and Test. Build stages gets completed everytime but with test stage I don’t know the problem it always exit with timeout Either I set up timeout limit to 30 minute or 3 hours. I am also not sure if it running the selenium tests as test stage is getting completed very early.

I am using windows shell executor with gitlab runner. Will be posting screen shot for more details.

Gradle version - 7.2 Gitlab-runner version - 15.3.0