version confusion

we use Gitlab as managed service.
Following version will be shown when I open the help window:

GitLab Enterprise Edition 13.1.0-pre

Why do I get a preview build and not the stable one?
Or is -pre already stable? I thought the next release would be on June 22nd.

I was looking for a page that shows me the current build for, unfortunately I didn’t find it.

Thx for help to solve my confusion :slight_smile:

@dev-team-jedi’s release schedule is a bit different from the self-managed version of the product. It runs on an auto deploy schedule where new versions are pushed to production multiple times a week, meaning you’ll see features from the next release of GitLab arrive a bit early on it.

The build on is always considered stable and we strive to only promote a build to production after extensive testing has been performed. Along with this, you can also opt in to our canary environment by flipping the toggle switch on That’ll route your requests to through canary where you’ll possibly see even newer features before they’ve hit production.

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