vs Community Edition

There’s no comparison between the two here:

…and yet I’ve just finished setting up both and have found major differences between the two.

  1. Community Edition has an “Admin Area”. does not.
  2. has WAY more options for projects than the Community Edition - merge methods, issues template, description template, approvers, container registry…
  3. Even the Groups page has one additional option - Member Lock.

So what am I missing here? Did I just waste money on a VPS to self-host the Community Edition when the free version does so much more? Am I losing any Gitlab features by deciding on the version instead of Community Edition?

Here’s another thing I just found at runs GitLab Enterprise Edition with all its features.

And yet is free for unlimited users, projects, disk space, and respositories?

I feel like I’m missing some huge catch somewhere. Why on earth would anyone buy the Enterprise Edition or use the self-hosted Community Edition if does all of this for free?

Thanks for taking the time to investigate on this. I replied in the issue you opened at