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Can someone tell me how to fix the redis start problem in version 11.11.7 [gitlab-ce-11.11.7-ce.0.el7.x86_64.rpm] when you first install and run gitlab-ctl reconfigure?
I can’t find any current information on this.

Hi @glennb and welcome to the GitLab community forum!

Did you make any edits to the /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb config related to redis? If so, are you using the bundled redis or external redis?

If you’ve not made any changes related to redis and you’re using the omnibus bundled version, try running: sudo gitlab-ctl restart redis and share the output if you receive an error message.


It gives this message

gitlab-ctl restart redis

warning: redis: unable to open supervise/ok: file does not exist

I do see things about this on 4 year old threads. I am not sure if those fixes still apply.

Incidently, the bold letters were not intentional. A pound sign that apparently does the bold thing. I didn’t know that.