Gitlab 'config.toml' cant be found - Traefik keeps throwing 404

I am trying to run Gitlab behind a Traefik reverse proxy with no avail.

The logs from my Gitlab container:

My docker-compose.yml:

My traefik.toml:

What ive noticed is that throughout this whole process, Traefik is throwing up a “404 page not found” even though its clearly shown that Traefik can see the Gitlab container in the dashboard. Im not sure if its nginx on gitlab or a bad configuration on Traefik.

What i also notice is that in the logs for Gitlab, sometimes I see a “error, cannot find a file called ‘config.toml’” or something like that. Googling didnt really show much.

I decided to take off the “networks” part from my docker-compose just to see what happens and ran it, so my docker-compose would look like this:

This however didn’t change anything in terms of front end but this is what the logs look like:

Traefik seems to work so well except with Gitlab and I have 0 ideas why.

Also might I say, attempting to run Gitlab has been the most frustrating thing ive seen. Is there anything I should know? Before I was using this guide because it also included steps to getting the Gitlab Runner working ( ) but so far running Gitlab in general is ripping my hair out!

I am having this same issue, and I am not sure why. Did you end up figuring out the problem?