Gitlab-ctl reconfigure Wiping out ldap gitlab.yml file

I have an on-Prem gitlab setup and running with no problems. I configured an ldap connection to my windows Active Directory.
I enabled https via the built in nginx. Once I set all the settings for https I have to run gitlab-ctl reconfigure in order for the settings to take effect. But when I run that command the gitlab.yml file that contains the ldap information gets reset.
How can I use gitlab-ctl reconfigure without it wiping out the gitlab.yml file ?

Thank You

You should be making changes to /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb not the yml file you found elsewhere.

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gitlab-ctl reconfigure takes the configuration in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and translates it into the gitlab.yml GitLab uses.

As @iwalker pointed out, you’ll want to configure LDAP in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb, not gitlab.yml directly

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That did it.
Sorry, still new to gitlab.

Thanks for the help

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Thanks for the update, I’m glad to hear it’s working for you now! :slight_smile: