Gitlab-deploy-token created still getting Get unauthorized: incorrect username or password



Dear Gurus

My gitlab ee edition has gitlab-deploy-token created still in Gitlab getting Get https://registry- unauthorized: incorrect username or password

Here is gitlab console output

Running with gitlab-runner 11.4.2 (cf91d5e1)
on WotC-Docker-ip-10-102-0-70 d457d50a
Using Docker executor with image docker:latest …
Pulling docker image docker:latest …
Using docker image sha256:062267097b77e3ecf374b437e93fefe2bbb2897da989f930e4750752ddfc822a for docker:latest …
Running on runner-d457d50a-project-185-concurrent-0 via ip-10-102-0-70…
Cloning repository…
Cloning into ‘/builds/core-systems/gatling’…
Checking out 0fed66db as master…
Skipping Git submodules setup

$ docker login -u $CI_DEPLOY_USER -p $CI_DEPLOY_PASSWORD
WARNING! Using --password via the CLI is insecure. Use --password-stdin.
Get unauthorized: incorrect username or password
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

Any ideas help is highly appreciated


Just an ignoramus question: is the “+” sign permitted in a username?