Gitlab deployment


I was wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction? At my place we currently got gitlab installed on our internal server, we also have development and pre-production servers (both internal as well) and external live site, What i’m trying to do is automatically deploy code from different branches to different servers. I’ve been playing with web hooks with moderate success so far.
What would be the best setup/approach to get it done? Any thoughts and help greatly appreciated

Hello Tomskii,

Rather than dealing at Gitlab level to deploy the code, I would suggest come to the client side, like the following:

  1. git clone
  3. git push -u origin deployserver

Please let me know if it fullfills your requirement.

Not sure what you mean by ‘git add deployserver’?

I would look at adding a CI server to do the deploys.

In the past i have have used jenkins with different jobs configured on different branches(easy to change without touching the code, ability to do deploys at the click of a button).

Today I use drone and have my build scripts commited in the repository with the code.

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I was actually looking into CI servers as an option. There is a Gitlab CI that I think I will give a shot.
Have you used any other solutions (other than CI server) to deploy your code in the past? Looking for comparison of different solutions and ease of implementing them to find the right one for our purpose.

Much apprecited your comments guys btw

Are you able to figure out this issue, if yes can you help me on this ?