Gitlab Doesn't detect Commits in Merge Request

In GitLab, I just discovered a commit which is not detected by GitLab properly in an MergeRequest.

As you can see the Below screenshot

the MR activities show that I recently commited something (it is a merge commit to resolve conflicts). This proves that I pushed the commit to the remote. But in the commit history it doesn’t show up, you can see in Below screenshot

we have a workaround to fix this issue, if previous commit is missing in MergeRequest then we have to do another commit and then previous commit and current commit is visible in MergeRequest…this is happening intermittently, So can anyone please help us on this issue to avoid this kind of issue further

Gitlab Version we are using is : 15.5.5

Hi @dhaneshande

please provide merge options that you are using to merge branch main into your feature branch.