Gitlab-ee initial site URL configuration

I have installed Gitlab 14.2 and is trying to access the site through my browser and getting site can’t be reached. my question is the external site URL is configured in the gitlab.rb file. is there anywhere else is needs to be configured? this is on a HREL 7 OS I just want to make sure a configuration wasn’t missed any help or input is greatly appreciated.

DNS has been setup
Firewalld is allow port 443
Gitlab service is running

Hi @rtjohn57 , welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

To set the external URL for GitLab, you’ll need to have external_url configured in gitlab.rb. For this to take effect, you’ll need to run gitlab-ctl reconfigure. After this, I’d expect your GitLab instance will be accessible via that external_url, no other changes necessary.

To access the GitLab over port 443, you’ll also want to make sure that the external_url begins with https://.

@gitlab-greg Thank you I’ve definitely configured the application as such the host firewall is allowing the ports through, however I’m still unable to hit the site with a DNS A record I verified through running a dig command.

Hmm… that’s peculiar.

Can you access the site by typing the IP address of your server into your web browser?

If you run curl -Lvvv https://<your_gitlab_url> on your local machine, does it successfully display the sign_in page HTML?

yes it does and I can see the 302 response from nginx than responds with a 200. I believe locally the site is good but calling from a browser believe its an network routing issue has the interface receiving external connections from the proxy doesn’t have a default gateway assigned to that network the nginx server is listening on.