Gitlab Enterprise Edition license expired


At work we have a server with an GitLab Enterprise installation working for several years.
They’ve keep paying the Enterprise license year after year but they don’t know why.
This year we did not renew the license as we read here that we can still use the Community Edition features if we do not have a Enterprise license.

The only features we want are permissions, push and pulls…

After the license expired, there is a message in GitLab panel saying that we will unable tu push code:

What does this mean? Pushing code to GitLab servers or pushing code at all?

Can we just remove the license?
Do we need to migrate to a community edition installation?

*We are using an outdated version (I know, I know): GitLab Enterprise Edition 8.7.5-ee 20e49f1
Also… Can anyone guide me to an upgrade guide or something? We don’t want to lose anything.

Thank you.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hello @JorgeC, thank you for joining our forum!

You can find all steps for Downgrading from Enterprise Edition to Community Edition here.

For more questions regarding our licensing model and what happens when the subscription expires, you should check out our FAQ section.

Finally, for the updating guide - please see the Update page where you can choose preferred installation method or our official documentation where you can find more detailed instructions.

Hopefully, this answers all your questions!


Thank you @btasovac
I’m still in doubt if we will able to use our local installation after 2019-06-12 if we do nothing.

I think we are pulling all of the repositories and pushing them to a brand new CE GitLab installation.

Hi JorgeC,

I read your above post.We are in the same situation.Now I have to downgrade our GitLab EE to CE.Could you please explain me how you have done ?
All our source code under GitLab EE , I want to move it to CE.
Highly appreciate your support.