GITLAB ENV - .tmp value

Since this morning GITLAB_ENV environment variable value seems to be automatically set to


which is overriding the value that we are setting in our pipelines.

This was previously working but since this morning we are noticing the value to have changed to this tmp value mentioned above.

Has anyone encountered this issue please?

We are running on and using Gitlab cloud runners.

Hi @christian-chetcuti
we are experiencing the same problem. Our variable is also named GITLAB_ENV and gets somehow overidden with this value you mentioned. Changing GITLAB_ENV to GITLAB_ENVIRONMENT seemed to fix this issue.

I first noticed this error since GitLab updated their runners from 16.3.0~beta.108.g2b6048b4 (2b6048b4) to 16.6.0~beta.105.gd2263193 (d2263193)