Gitlab gives 500 error on project edit

I need help - I updated recently from 11.5(just about this version, not sure tho) to 11.6.1. Since then I am having troubles with several things. I can´t push to repository. I can pull, I can clone, but not push - remote closed the console says. When logged into web, I can´t open any project. When I click on the project to edit, or to just view files, I get on edit 500 error page, when clicked project I get 503 error.
I cant create new project -

  • Failed to create repository via gitlab-shell
  • Failed to create repository.

All other basic things I tested works.

I am running gitlab in docker, using docker-compose from : sameersbn/docker-gitlab. This has been working for about one year now, always updating just by updating the version number in docker compose, and doing docker-compose down&& docker-compose up. I have no clue where to look for the problem - I have searched some logs in the gitlab docker, but I didnt find anything specific.

System is Fedora server, 28, updated daily. Gitlab is behind proxy, https nginx on the front, http proxy to gitlab instance on the back.

I know that I can just git clone everything and make a new instance, but me and some friends have a few projects there, and this would be time consuming, so I am looking for any help I can get. I can provide logs, but I dont know where to look. I could actually provide the address too, but I guess that wont help much, so I ll just keep that hidden so far.

Any ideas what to try? Thanks in advance.

Just migrated to fresh new 11.5 to get error 500 on some pages of project again - I have given up, and moving to some other self hosted solution - mostly likely GitBucket.