Gitlab helm install ignoring ingress class specified, for external ingress

I’ve tried installing gitlab with the helm chart and specifying an external and already working ingress for other services, but it is ignoring the class of the ingress that I specify:

My helm call is like so:

helm upgrade --install gitlab gitlab/gitlab *
** --timeout 3600s *

** --set certmanager.install=false **
** --set[EMAIL] **
** --set global.ingress.configureCertmanager=false **
** --set global.ingress.annotations.“”=true **
** --set nginx-ingress.enabled=false **
** --set global.ingress.class=nginx **
** --set global.ingress.annotations.“kubernetes\.io/tls-acme”=true **
** --set global.ingress.annotations.“kubernetes\.io/ingress\.class”=nginx **
** --set global.ingress.annotations.“cert-manager\.io/issuer”=letsencrypt-prod **
** --set global.ingress.annotations.“acme\.cert-manager\.io/http01-ingress-class”=nginx **

But it is completely ignoring it:


Any ideas?

Nginx ingress specifies that the ingress should be compatible with the ingressClassName: nginx syntax from cluster version 1.19 onward, but I don’t see any way specifying it in the helm chart.