GitLab Installation

I’m new to GitLab.
I just installed GitLab (from Omnibus package) on my debian server 8. After the installation I don’t reach the admin web page (on the server the whole LAMP part is already set up)
This is the output of gitlab-ctl status. What can I do?

$ sudo gitlab-ctl status

/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/omnibus-ctl/lib/gitlab_ctl.rb:34: warning: already initialized constant GitlabCtl::Errors::NodeError

/srv/gitlab/embedded/service/omnibus-ctl/lib/gitlab_ctl.rb:34: warning: previous definition of NodeError was here

/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/omnibus-ctl/lib/gitlab_ctl.rb:35: warning: already initialized constant GitlabCtl::Errors::PasswordMismatch

/srv/gitlab/embedded/service/omnibus-ctl/lib/gitlab_ctl.rb:35: warning: previous definition of PasswordMismatch was here

down: alertmanager: 0s, normally up, want up; run: log: (pid 20257) 354s

run: gitaly: (pid 20291) 354s; run: log: (pid 20288) 354s

run: gitlab-exporter: (pid 20267) 354s; run: log: (pid 20264) 354s

run: gitlab-workhorse: (pid 20271) 354s; run: log: (pid 20270) 354s

run: grafana: (pid 22404) 204s; run: log: (pid 20261) 354s

run: logrotate: (pid 20268) 354s; run: log: (pid 20266) 354s

run: nginx: (pid 24392) 2s; run: log: (pid 20274) 354s

run: node-exporter: (pid 20275) 354s; run: log: (pid 20265) 354s

run: postgres-exporter: (pid 20254) 354s; run: log: (pid 20253) 354s

run: postgresql: (pid 20252) 354s; run: log: (pid 20251) 354s

run: prometheus: (pid 20260) 354s; run: log: (pid 20259) 354s

run: redis: (pid 20263) 354s; run: log: (pid 20255) 354s

run: redis-exporter: (pid 20269) 354s; run: log: (pid 20256) 354s

run: sidekiq: (pid 22118) 225s; run: log: (pid 20283) 354s

run: unicorn: (pid 22160) 222s; run: log: (pid 20272) 354s

Ciao Gianluca,

I have also a Gitlab Server running, on a Debian10.
Worked perfectly until I realized that I had not so much space on my /opt and /var/opt (the 2 paths it is installed in).
I rsync everything to another location and put symlinks.
Now I have exactly same behaviour as you : NodeError and PasswordMismatch.
I did not solve that actually, I took a look at the gitlab_ctl.rb file : a require_relative Ruby instruction is made, but I’ve checked, the files are present…
But server is still OK for me, so I think that this error has nothing to deal with your issue.
You have alertmanager down, maybe first take a look at the logs : /var/log/gitlab/alertmanager/current