Gitlab instance not working with error 502

Since last few weeks we are facing an issue with our gitlab instance. It starts giving error 502 and after the reboot it starts working fine for few days.

Today it didn’t even worked after the instance reboot.

sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure


sudo gitlab-ctl restart

working fine without errors

Please suggest possible solutions, the server is on Linode 4G Ram plan.



what kind of installation do you run (maybe check Download and install GitLab | GitLab for several options)? Have you checked your gitlab logs and syslog?
Also, we have a centos yum install on a node of 4GB of RAM (for upgrade testing purposes), which has hardly any traffic to handle and sometimes is quit sluggish. I’ve not extensively read the system requirements, but according to Requirements | GitLab you should be ok, but maybe adding some resources could help.

Yeah seems so. I just upgraded to the 8G plan and seems it is back up now.