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What is my GitLab instance URL?

I am trying to complete the last step of the ssh key authentication process but I am not sure what my GitLab instance URL is. Just so I am not confusing anyone here is the copy and pasted snippet of what I am trying to figure out. Thank you.

Verify that you can connect

Verify that your SSH key was added correctly.

  1. For, to ensure you’re connecting to the correct server, confirm the SSH host keys fingerprints.
  2. Open a terminal and run this command, replacing with your GitLab instance URL:
ssh -T

If you have installed your own server, then it is the hostname and domain name of your server. This is exactly what would have been put in the external_url in gitlab.rb. So, as from the documentation you replace with whatever you put in external_url.

So for an example, I create a server called mygitserver and use as the domain. I put in external_url in gitlab.rb, so my instance url is that value. Then as per the docs, once the SSH key has been added to your user profile, the SSH command is:

ssh -T

your instance url is also used in the web browser as

Seems like the same confusion that was covered and discussed in:

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