Gitlab integration with openldap from helm chart

Hello All,

I am trying to integrate gitlab with openldap for authentication purpose. The gitlab deployment has been done from helm charts. I have modified values.yaml to invoke ldap settings in gitlab implementation. However after the successful gitlab deployment, I do not see ldap option at login page.
Here are my ldap settings.

## ‘main’ is the GitLab ‘provider ID’ of this LDAP server
label: ‘LDAP’
host: ‘openldap.openldap.svc.cluster.local’
port: 389
uid: ‘uid’
bind_dn: ‘cn=admin,ou=abcd,dc=example,dc=org’
base: ‘ou=gitlab,ou=abcd,dc=example,dc=org’
secret: openldap-secret
key: password
encryption: ‘plain’