Gitlab, Kubernetes, Docker and NFS

Hi all,
I’m new to GitLab and my company also is.
We have a project with a smart mobility platform engineering company where we set up Docker, Kubernetes and a Gitlab. The documentations are pretty well, but we have some problems with NFS.
Out thougts at the moment:

  • NFS share not mounted on the nodes, direct access with PV and PVC on the NetApp filer (100GB share)
  • 1 PVC = 1 PV per mountpoint in the container
    Do we really need to create a new PV + PVC for every container or mountpoint in the container?
    A service will be one customer on the platform with multiple pods where the webservers etc will run.
    Is it somehow possible to use one PV for a service? What about the data? Every webserver sees the same date?
    When someone deploys a new container with gitlab, how is the yml created and knows how to handle NFS PV + PVC creation?
    I hope you can understand my problem.

Best regards,