Gitlab learn access


Since last week i no longer have access to learning content behind
Only sso for internal gitlab users is available for login.

Any help aporeciated how to access my payed content againt

Hi, best thing would be open a ticket, the link below has the Gitlab learn category already selected:

Community members on this forum cannot help you with this, which is why you need to open a support ticket directly with Gitlab. You will however need to provide far more information relating to your Gitlab Learn account for them to give you support and give you access to your account. So you will need to provide them most likely with your email/login name to Gitlab learn for them to check/verify and give you access. You may also get asked to provide additional information for proof of access.

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Did you get an answer ? I got the same issue, the platfoms seems really buggy, no way to create or login with a gitlab account.

It is quite strange that there is only one post about this.
Seems like nobody is using the platform…

Same problem for me, can’t login with my credentials. Did submit a ticket today and waiting for a response. If anyone has an update on this please provide additional information. Thanks

Gitlab learn seems deprecated, now it is gitlab levelup

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Thanks for that information.

My problem is that I already paid for a course/certification on Gitab Edcast and I can’t access the course now. I didn’t get any information from Gitlab, that Edcast will be shut down/deprecated and that I can’t access that site anymore. My money is gone and the Support is not reacting to my requests.

This is really bad practice and absolutely not OK, Gitlab.

Thanks for your questions and feedback. GitLab is in the process of moving to a new Learning Management System. All completed and in progress content and certifications are being migrated over. Our notification banner on the deprecated platform GitLab Learn was not functioning properly - thanks for drawing our attention to it. We’ve updated the banner and it should be visible now. We apologize for any confusion this caused and we appreciate your patience as we completed the migration. When the migration is completed, all users will receive an email with log in instructions.

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