GitLab LFS issue


We recently upgraded to GitLab CE 14.0.5 and now we’re having issues with git lfs (git-lfs/2.10.0). All the usual lfs commands appear to work but when I try to push a new lfs object (e.g. pdf file) to GitLab we get the following error:

$ git push
Uploading LFS objects: 0% (0/1), 0 B | 242 KB/s, done.
Fatal error: Server error: …
error: failed to push some refs to ‘…’

When I run a trace it shows a “500 HTTP” error.

There are no errors shown in the production.log or otherwise.

This was definitely working before the upgrade. However we upgrade every month so it’s possible it’s been broken for a while and we just didn’t notice until the most recent upgrade. If the timing is correct it would have been working in version 13.13.

Is this a known issue? Does anyone have any ideas?


For anyone that’s interested this turned out to be a filesystem permission issue. Apparently our infrastructure team decide to change the default LFS storage location. They moved everything but didn’t preserve permissions.