GitLab Licence

For any enterprise application code should we always go with gitlab licence? Or private repo is enough for that pupose ( not making the code public).

Also, could you let me know how many users, members and groups are allowed in free licence.

If you are using, project user limit is 5 users. If you install and run/maintain your own server, you have no limit on users.

thanks @iwalker .
Is this same for members also? like max direct member limit to any group?
Also please suggest if it’s no risk to place any production code on gitlab private repo without licence

I don’t see how a license means there is less risk to production code. So I see no reason that doing it with a free account is any different than with premium or ultimate subscription. What I see more of a risk is lack of secure password policy or lack of 2FA/MFA methods or authentication to ensure that nobody can abuse your login/password to gain access to the code.

The user limit is same for everyone, 5 max. You cannot exceed it. You will need to purchase a license or as I said - run your own Gitlab server with free license, and there is no limit for you. The 5 user limit only applies to using

Thansk @iwalker for your suggestion.
do you have any supported link from gitlab as refernce. could you share please.

Sure: Free user limit | GitLab.

The Gitlab docs have all the information you could find. Google will also help you find anything else you might need.