Gitlab login

today while logging into gitlab onpremis
i got 500 errror as shown below,
we have not performed any upgrade since 1 month,
what may be the issue

500 errors like this are generic and ambiguous. It’s hard to say what the problem is without some additional information.

Can you please:

  1. run sudo gitlab-ctl tail | tee -a /tmp/troubleshooting.log on the GitLab server
  2. reproduce the 500 error a few times by reload the 500 error page URL in your browser
  3. cancel the command issued in step one (Ctrl + C)
  4. review the /tmp/troubleshooting.log file for clues as to what is going wrong

If you’re unable to diagnose the issue, please share a copy of your logs or relevant log snippets with any sensitive information redacted (e.g. IP address, private URL, etc.)