[GitLab OAuth] Get access token

Hi, folks. Mb I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t understand how to obtain an access token. I’ve created an app and even managed to obtain some code (via https://gitlab.com/login/oauth/authorize), but I can’t fetch any access tokens via that code, since https://gitlab.com/login/oauth/token always returns 404. Mb I’m using wrong URLs, but I’ve found them in the documentation (https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/api/oauth2.html#web-application-flow). Thank you.

Solved. But still there is a question: what is the expiration time for access tokens?

If you set a date, then they expire on that date, if not they never expire.

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Hi, I’ve got the same issue, 404 on http://gitlab.example.com/oauth/token endpoint.
How did you solve your problem please ?