GitLab offline deployment using container image on RHEL9 / Podman

I want to deploy Gitlab as a container using RHEL 9 using Podman in an offline environment.
Has anyone does this before and can help, I think I have a few configuration challenges to overcome.

I have the latest ce image and can deploy it when not using http but not https.

In my gitlab.rb I have set letsencrypt[‘enable’] = false so that it does not attempt to use letsencrypt (as the server is offline)

I am not 100% sure how to generate the correct TLS certs with OpenSSL or where to put / map the replacement cert and key file ?

I do something similar. You should be able to just drop the cert and key into /etc/gitlab/ssl

The only other thing I had to do was give it our CA cert that signed the gitlab cert, and also set nginx[redirect_http_to_https] to true.

nginx[ssl_client_certificate] = /etc/pki/your/ca.crt

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