Gitlab on a dedicated machine behind the Apache reverse proxy with SSL - how?

I have an Ubuntu server running LXD.

I have an LXD container with Apache (
I have an LXD container for Gitlab (

Nothing specific about LXD itself, just consider Apache and Gitlab running on different machines with different IPs in the same subnet behind the router with static IP, which is a primary IP where DNS is pointing

I have mutiple sites (subdomains of the single domain) hosted on Apache, I want to add my Gitlab subdomain.

I use Let’s Encrypt for getting certs for Apache sites.

I just need to figure out how to set up Apache site for a Gitlab subdomain and what I need to put into Gitlab config.

Do I need to set up Gitlab without SSL first?
Do I have to copy Let’s Encrypt certs generated inside Apache container into Gitlab container or I need to let Gitlab to get its own certs?