Gitlab on lemp. Nginx conf and apache

Hi, I have been trying to sort this issue for 2 days now and thought id ask here.

I have a linux (debian8) nginx apache mysql set up and I have been installing gitlab from source. All good up untill the nginx part. As I am using nginx with apache2 as the proxy I was wondering if anyone has done this before or even know of any documentation

My apache runs on and nginx is on 80.

Now I pass everything at the moment that is not a static file through to apache to serve.

So I was thinking. How do I set this part up. Do I put gitlab on port 8080 or 80 or even another port? Should I look at the apache turorials or nginx.

I tried to use the default nginx sites-available conf but it fails and nginx wont reboot.

Otherwise I am going to give up and install a virtual machine on my server to run the omb package and use the main server to proxy to that vm lol. Just so messy

Why don’t you just use apache?