Gitlab Pages Access Control Authentication Settings

I have one linux box running gitlab, and another running as a pages host. I’m trying to enable access control, but I’m not getting it set up correctly. When I enable it, I get the following message in my log:

{"level":"info","msg":"GitLab Pages Daemon","revision":"e4ddf96","time":"2021-01-20T20:32:26Z","version":"1.34.0"}
{"level":"fatal","msg":"auth-client-id must be defined if authentication is supported","time":"2021-01-20T20:32:26Z"}

How do I point the pages instance to the gitlab instance to use it’s login info? I copied the gitlab secrets file and they are identical between the two servers.

What other info can I post here to help debug?


Omnibus generates invalid gitlab-pages-config: “auth-redirect-uri must be defined if authentication is supported”

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for my instance it was sufficient to enable access control for pages in gitlab.rb:
##! Pages access control
gitlab_pages[‘access_control’] = true

gitlab-ctl reconfigure
gitlab-ctl restart