Gitlab-pages via virtual host on apache server

Hello GitLab community,

I’m new to this forum so if I forgot anything I apologize.
I am running GitLab CE on a Intel NUC together with OwnCloud. So I am using an apache webserver to server Owncloud and a virtual host for gitlab. This is all working fine.
Now I want to run gitlab pages eigher on the same machine, or on a vserver in the cloud. As I understood the documentation for the gitlab pages installation, the machines running gitlab and gitlab pages have to be on the same network, so the vserver wouldn’t work.

And I already tried to run gitlab pages as a virtual host, too, but I didn’t succeed. Does anyone have a idea how to accomplish this?

This is a related post, asking the same question as I do, just in case anyone asks if I searched for answers, but he didn’t get an answer:

I’d appreciate all help