Gitlab pipelines showing merged status for two separate external pipelines triggered by MR webhook events

Hi Team,

We are using a self hosted Gitlab Community server running on version 16.10.1 .

We have configured a webhook in response to merge request events for one of our repository. This triggers a jenkins pipeline at the backend which does the CI from source branch and on successful run it allows the merging to the target branch.

Issue we are facing -
Since last two months after the Gitlab upgrade, we have noticed an issue with these external pipelines on MR events webhooks.

We usually used to raise 2 separate MRs together from the same feature branch against 2 different branches - one is intermediate and second is release branch.

For these 2 events, jenkins is triggering 2 different pipelines with different build name. But in the Gitlab pipeline, we see the stages as merged -

And if any of the two external/jenkins pipeline fails, it will show the status as failed for the Gitlab Pipeline -

This issue arises after merging the statuses from two different Jenkins pipelines, here failure of one stage leads to breaking the complete pipeline.

Expected Behavior -
We should not be seeing the external pipeline stages as merged in Gitlab pipeline dashboard. The jenkins pipeline stages are independent of each other, we only run the stage release when the target branch name starts with release- and similarly intermediate is run when target branch name has intermediate .

Since the pipeline execution at the backend in Jenkins is separate, the Gitlab pipeline should also not be showing the overall status as failed due to failure in one.

Troubleshooting/Observations -
Previously, before the gitlab upgrade, the same setup was functioning correctly. Moreover, the backend Jenkins pipelines are working as expected which makes Gitlab pipeline a concern to this issue.

We have attempted following method as a temporary workaround -
Having a time gap in raising two MRs from same source branch or adding an extra commit to the source branch after raising one MR .

I’m expecting the setup to operate as it did previously. Could you please help me with this ?

Gitlab version - v16.10.1
Jenkins version - 2.440.2

Thank you for reading through this topic.