gitlab prometheus metrics

I am a student and I am working on the Gitlab topic.
please help me to use the metric “gitlab_service_apdex”.
I can’t find this metric under “http://***/-/metrics”.
how can i please use this metric ?

thanks in advance

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gitlab_service_apdex is not documented in GitLab Prometheus metrics | GitLab but other apdex metrics. Where did you read about this specific metric name?

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Hello @dnsmichi,

I have my own runners to execute the CI/CD jobs (Gitlab-runners run on my own host).
I can access the runners metrics at: http://my-host:9252/metrics

I have downloaded a dashboard from “Grafana Labs” that uses the metric “gitlab_service_apdex”.

Is there actually a metric with the name “gitlab_service_apdex” ? unter http://my-host:9252/metrics is also not available !

thank you :grinning:

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Thanks for the details.

Can you share a link to the Grafana Labs dashboard? It seems that this dashboard uses a different data source.

From the screenshots, it looks like this dashboard is copied from SaaS and the GitLab infrastructure team who maintains their own dashboards and metrics collection. Monitoring of | The GitLab Handbook

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@dnsmichi sorry, you are right ! this Dashboard is copied from and not “Grafana Lab” !

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