Gitlab raw file access file names

The basics of this have been addressed elsewhere but all approaches seem to be using commands like curl which permit passing a name for the file. However, and this is a bit cross platform here, I am trying to access an Arduino board package json file from a private gitlab repo (it’s my repo, I have it private for testing) via the Arduino IDE. ( I have similar questions on Arduino specific sites too in case this is more readily resolved there)

Using the following, I can access the file successfully through a variety of means[PROJECT_ID_NUM]/repository/files/package_myboard_index.json/raw?ref=main&private_token=[MY_AUTH_TOKEN]

However, the Arduino IDE seems like it is doing a simple HTTP GET for the file and as a result the file that it downloads is just called “raw” or at best “raw.json”.

Is there something I can do to the above gitlab url to ensure the file is always downloaded with the appropriate name?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure how the IDE does it, but the file target is the responsibility of the API client caller. Using curl, you can specify the -o flag to specify where the file should be stored, for example.

Maybe an alternative approach can be to git clone the repository locally, and then let the Arduino IDE search for a local file path instead.